Damages and compensation in Spain and Italy

Last modified:
09 April, 2018

Claims and Legal actions in Spain and Italy

Key Takeaways

  • Health claims
  • Travel claims
  • Personal injury claims

If you or your relatives have been involved in an accident, suffered an injury, disability, or your property has been damaged and you have had an economic  loss, I can assist you to pursue a compensation, lodging a claim or taking legal action for damages or to obtain reimbursement.

I can help with:

  1. Claims against hospitals and private clinic (treatments and surgery)  
  2. Claims against car insurance company, highway companies
  3. Claims against local authorities and government
  4. Claims against schools, universities  and education institutions
  5. Claims against travel agencies and travel insurance companies
  6. Claims against hotels, airlines, buses' and trains companies
  7. Claims against a seller for faulty products