Conveyancing in Spain and Italy.

Last modified:
08 April, 2018

Buying, selling and renting property

Key Takeaways

  • Buying, selling and renting
  • Filing tax returns

I can help you to buy, sell or rent a property in Spain or in Italy. I can also assist you to inherit and administer assets in those countries. Because I am a Spanish and an Italian lawyer, I can guide you rapidly and confidently through any process connected with a property or an estate in Spain and in Italy.

    My services include

    1. Property investigation ( seller's title, mortgages debts and taxes lining on the property)  
    2. Drafting and revising the pre-sale agreement
    3. Signing the sale deed in the public notary on behalf of the client
    4. Opening and closing clients' bank account
    5. Subscription and cancellation of the utilities contracts
    6. Setting payment for the municipal land rates and house utilities
    7. Filing the tax returns on behalf of the client
    8. Drafting and revising renting agreement.
    9. Lodging and retrieving the deposit from the Regional Tax Agency.

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