I am a Spanish and Italian lawyer. I can assist you with any legal procedures or any issues related to Spain and Italy: from property law to employment law, divorce proceedings, tax returns, setting up and winding up a company, debt recovery, trademarks, insurance and medical negligence claims, criminal law.

More often clients require my assistance with:

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    I can help you to buy, sell or rent a property in Spain or in Italy. I can also assist you if you have inherited assets in those countries. Beca
    My services include, Property investigation ( seller's title, mortgages debts and taxes lining on the property)   Drafting and revising the pre-sale agreement Sig
    Key Takeaways
    Buying, selling and renting
    Filing tax returns

    Buying, selling and renting property

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    Key Takeaways
    professional qualifications
    university degrres
    practical experiences

    Long standing experience in recognition of dentistry, teacher and pshychologist diplomas across many European countries.

    I can help you to obtain recognition as:

    1. Dentist
    2. Doctor
    3. Nurse
    4. Psychologist and clinical psychologist
    5. Teacher
    6. Geologist
    7. Agronomist
    8. Architect
    9. Pharmacist
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    I can help you if you already have a UK Will but plan to have another for the properties located in Spain and Italy. I can also help smooth the proces
    My assistance covers the following services, Investigating the existence of a will and a life insurance coverage abroad. Retrieve an authorized copy of the will from the public
    Key Takeaways
    Spanish and Italian Wills
    Inheritance tax

    Making a Will, Dealing with inherited property