off plan purchases in Spain -

Claiming back money from a Spanish bank in an off plan purchase where the developer company becomes insolvent

Last modified:
15 June, 2020

Spanish property - off plan purchase - advance payments, declaration of bankruptcy of the developer, claiming money back from the bank

Key Takeaways

  • Spanish porperty
  • Off plan purchases in Spain
  • insolvency of the developer

The client a British citizen entered into an off plan contract with a Spanish developer  o " la promotora") for the acquisition of a residential property in the region of Andalucia..The client made few advance payments for a considerably large sum,  but the property was never transferred on the client's name due to the developer company becaming insolvent, with a formal declaration of bankrupcty by a Spanish Court. I advised the client that since 2015 the Spanish Supreme Court and some Appellate Courts issued various decisions in favour of the purchases off plans, ruling that  bank issuinging the guaratee indicated in Law 57/1968  was liabele to repay the purchases of the advance payments made plus the interests accrued.

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